TCL/TK Flash Socket Policy Server

For additional downloads and windows standalone zip and updated files, see:

This week I was implementing a Rich Internet Application and informed everybody that they should update to the latest flash player After updating all the flash players I received an email telling me that the application didn’t work and found that it also didn’t work in my newly installed leopard Mac Pro.

After searching high and low I found this article ‘

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I have created this blog more for myself than for the world wide web. Every day I encounter problems related to my work and try to find solutions to these problems. Sometimes I have a hard time to find the solutions I have found before and have to search for it again.

From now on I will post the solutions to these problems on this blog and maybe it can be useful for you the reader as well as myself.

Something about myself. My name is Mark Freese and I studied Industrial Design Engineering at The University of Technology in Delft and in my last year I specialized in Interaction Design. After getting my masters degree I went on working for the University and am now working n designing and implementing remote experimentation/operation software for scientific instruments. To facilitate remote experimentation I have created a Scientific Collaborative Environment called Society. The client-side consists out of 99% actionscript 3 written user interfaces.